by El Campo

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"An Alt-Americana masterpiece" - San Antonio Current


released March 17, 2015

Songs by Jerid Reed Morris
Copyright 2015. All rights reserved.

Produced & engineered by Justin Morris

Recorded at Top Hat & The Wonder Chamber in Austin, Texas, and in a living room in Tobin Hill, San Antonio, Texas

Mixed by Lucas Oswald
Mastered by T. W. Walsh

El Campo are:
Zachary Dale Almaguer - Banjo, Guitar
J. R. Morris - Vocals, Guitar
Nicholas B. Richman - Pedal Steel, Dobro, Vocals
Rodolfo Villarreal III - Drums, Vocals

The Help:
J. B. McSwain - Bass Guitar
D. T. Buffkin - Piano
James Woodard - Guitar
Richard Garcia - Bass Guitar
Stacey Sinclair & Danielle Chapman - Claps

Mariachi Relampago , of Austin, Texas, appear on 'Baby's Breath'
'Open Casket' arrangement by Chris Martinez & Pat Schowe
'Invitation' uses an excerpt of 'Just As I Am,' a hymn by Charlotte Elliott


all rights reserved



El Campo Austin, Texas

TX folk rock: Charlie, Jerid, Nick & Rudy.

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Track Name: Faux Fur
What if I told you I hid a sinister lie between the back of my head and my eyes? Is candor real, or implied? For the record, this record is my lullaby. If I sleep like a baby at night, is for you to decide.
Track Name: Who'd You Save Your Love For?
I loved you like a fire, in all its ruin. But never in return did you ever feel the burn. And all along, I know what I was doing. I knew that you were lying, but I meant it every time. Did you go and find a better man than I? Did you give him all your love? Was mine not good enough? Still, if all I ever got from you was lies, it was worth it, for my part, though it like to broke my heart. Oh, who did you save your love for?
Track Name: The Palo Fucking Duro
I rode out to the mountains while the rain was on the porch, where you and I don't visit anymore. I crossed the wide expanse at where the rainbows touched your shoulders, where you and I don't whisper anymore. And I've had every inch that I can handle. But there's already nothing I can say. The clouds have all assembled on the Palo Fucking Duro, and I have turned and made for greener roads. You and I have long ago et more than we could swallow of dusty love and windy northern choke. I made myself a fond and lonesome oath, but there's already nothing I can say. Where I am going, oh Lord, I don't know. But I am bound for the river, if ever it flows. I have a moaning to go in my soul. From the top of the canyon to hellfire below, I will roam in my sadness till lifeless and cold, far away. I've a moaning to roam in my soul. I was born in a bramble on the side of the road to a whore and a pusher, both in love with a ghost. And there's no way in heaven you could love me, I know. I'm the loneliest of the lone.
Track Name: Caliche
We walk in the holy alone, on toward a lonely death
Some will be lonesome and others won't, there

There's iron ground of a sorry red I ought to could forget, but I'm bound to all of this by soft regret: the red in the mud and the red in my blood--the iron in my veins. I am bound to all of it by soft regret. And I'm bound to canyons red, the same as them--the red in the mud and the red in my blood--the iron in my veins. The hills are bled and my people are dead, but we're colored both the same.
Track Name: Battle Hymn of Boy & Blood
When I was a kid, I went looking for arrowheads in an Indian crick, and just kept going. I said, I reckon I'll leave--I meant nothing to no one, except a dog name of Blood. And we drifted along. We headed way out West, where it's picking up. Hitched a ride in the cargo bay of a Greyhound bus. I saw the desert that way, come alive in the starlight. Camped out in a bramble, to keep the coyotes at bay. I had Grandaddy's gun tied up in a satchel. It was near all I could handle, but Blood scared them away. We're headed way out West, where it's picking up. Hitched a ride in an airplane and a pickup truck. When I was a kid, I went looking for arrowheads in an Indian crick bed, and just kept going. I've made it far as I may. I ran into some lean years. Blood died in El Paso, and I buried him there. And I'm living way out West, where it's picking up. Got a mind to stay, if fate deals me any luck.
Track Name: A Slip of the Pen
A slip of the pen, when winter blew in and muddled the letters at my hand. I strove to compose, in tormented prose, a missive to send her, a love letter. A plea for forgiveness. And, when the wind stayed my hand, I'd only just begun to count all the ways regret filled my days, how lying beside her did fan a flame. Like the light on the desk, it danced without rest till smothered by winter--the coldest ever. I'll trade you the way it is for the way it had been. I'm lonesome, cold, and blue. Whatever the ransom is, I would pay every cent pay captive heart to loose. But off on the wind the words I had penned flew, somewhere forgotten, and ever thence. I never again could conjure them hence, till cold reminiscence took my every hour.
Track Name: Lit A Shuck For Dixie
The two of us, lights down low, were feeling right at home, when coming up the road rode your daddy and the deputy. And your pa had a hanging rope. You snuffed out the light, I went out the hall window into the night. And you called after me, Courage, Baby! Send for me, and I'll come running. Just send the word, and I'll come running. When I saw you in your dressing robe coming up the road, I knew you were my only love. You held my hand, and we went through the driving snow, clean forspent when we hit the Red River bridge. But you slipped on the icy shoal and fell to your death in the cold river below. Well, I knew I'd best be gone next time the old train whistle called. And when the menfolk all took arms, your daddy swore he'd hang me sure and I would surely come to harm. Oh, the Panhandle wind blows discouragingly hard. I lit a shuck on an eastbound train, ne'er a stitch but my luck. To Dixieland, I went running. And, oh, my Love, I'm still running.
Track Name: Baby's Breath
There's a patch of sunlight that peeks through on the hillside, that once caught your eye and my likeness inside. But the path we cut, that day in the rough, is all covered up like it never was. And the breeze on the air cut a jig in your hair. I remember you there, but the wind couldn't care. It spirited you ever distant, and along with it you were gone in an instant. I remember, still, you alighting there, on the farthest hill in the baby's breath. What if I told you I hid a sinister lie, that I will carry your love for life, that it ain't going to die? Well, I doubt that you're listening anyway, Love. But I wrote you this record to prove that it ever was. You faded from sight on the distant horizon, and danced in the light as your silhouette died. And with bated breath I've watched that hillcrest, but there's only wind in baby's breath.

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